“We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence then ,is not an act,but a habit.”Aristotle.

I have loved words for so long.I started writing since high school,I used to write stories then share them with close friends.Well I also found great interest in writing compositions back in primary school.I believed back then I wanted to be a script writer because I love watching movies.The soap operas that had us so much glued to our televisions are the kind of stories I wanted to write. You remember Storm over Paradise,I wanted to write such an incredible,mind captivating love story like that one.A story that could capture the minds of so many people all through it’s season.I mean that Soap opera controlled like my feelings,when Aymar kinda died I cried for so many days then I felt so sorry for Nicolas Bravo.Let me not even talk about my hatred for Maura Daraun.I was so pleased with her painful death,she deserved it.

Okay so where was I …yes I had an interest in acting but I was extremely shy so I said let me try to involve myself in something that doesn’t involve me being before people so writing it was.The problem was that my high school didn’t support much on extra curricular activities.They mainly believed in studies so there was minimal amount of opportunities to engage in talents.That was so unfair.Well things are much better.I was so jealous when I went there for my cousin’s prayer day and found out there’s a drama club.It literally hurt my feelings so much and I wished they came up with such an amazing idea back then when I was still in school.I’m sure it would have made my high school life more fun.Though I just wondered if I would have had any courage to participate…

As time went by I stopped writing because I felt not equipped to be a Great writer.I really stayed away from writing but I felt miserable.Though I had a friend who loved poetry and he used to send me some of the pieces he used to write.I read them at first because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings,I wasn’t ever much interested in poems and in my head poets were geniuses.Poetry was so hard to write for me and so I didn’t engage much interest in it.My friend was quite a committed guy so with time I actually fell in love with poetry but I couldn’t write poems yet.I tried on some occasions but they were meaningless,empty and boring.I didn’t love what I was writing.My love for poetry never stopped though so I kept reading them.With practice of writing whatever I could with time I got better.I had to figure out how to step closer into getting better.My overthinking got on the way most days, I thought I was going to crash and burn.Never to write anything that would be beautiful and meaningful.I would read other Great writer’s work and feel so small and foolish.It was insane for me to compare myself.Even when I was writing,in my head I didn’t t love what I was writing.I ruined everything with doubting my capability.

The good thing was I loved reading so I found encouragement through books.I have a number of books that have motivated me to believe in myself and nothing else.Writers like Rupi Kaur, Elizabeth Gilbert,Oprah Winfrey, Ruby Dahl.Articles to have inspired me,The Great Butterfly has been of such aid. I had to remind myself on the not so good days I can be Great.The whole thing about their being so much power in believing, it’s an actual truth.Believing is magic.I found my inspiration to keep writing.To love,admire and find growth in my passion is what am so happy about right now in my life.

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